At the sign of the Dambusters Inn


Photograph; A leaping, black labrador dog in mid-flight at sunset

Established on 14th December 2013 on the premises of the Dambusters Inn

telephone: +44(0) 1522 731333

Pump Clip for SCAMPTON ALE - 3.6% ABV - brewed by Greg’s Brewery in Scampton, Lincolnshire, U.K.
Pump Clip for DAMBUSTERS ALE - 3.8% ABV - brewed by Greg’s Brewery in Scampton, Lincolnshire, U.K.
Pump Clip for ONE OF OURS - 4.0% ABV - brewed by Greg’s Brewery in Scampton, Lincolnshire, U.K.
Pump Clip for MAYSON - 4.2% ABV - brewed by Greg’s Brewery in Scampton, Lincolnshire, U.K.
4.4% ABV
Each brewery has its own distinctive character
Greg’s Brewery has
Greg Algar

Ignoring the ‘distinctive character’ label above, please allow me to introduce myself to you as just another entrepeneurial spirit. Simply, a Brewer of Ale.

My name is, Greg Algar.

THE END of this story begins here and I think that THE END is, probably, the best place to begin.

My decision to become a Brewer of Fine English Ale follows thirty hilarious years in London spent serving my customers Good Food - (I cooked it) - Good Wine (I drank it with them) and all the inventive processes that go along with providing an ambience where friends can enjoy a few relaxing hours together. THAT formula has proved to be my success story so far.

In November 2009 Lady Luck plucked me from the middle of London and dropped me into the middle of Lincolnshire. Why was that? Well, the pub in the village of Scampton had been in decline for a couple of years. My new challenge (don’t we all love a challenge?) was to resuscitate The Dambusters Inn.

Thanks to the good people of Lincolnshire, the pub now has a strong pulse and is breathing normally - the prognosis is very good indeed.

At the time of my arrival in 2009, what I didn't know was, that I had landed in a building that would prove to have personal resonances for me.

You might not believe this, but until I found myself working to restore the fortunes of a pub named the Dambusters Inn, I had not really paid much attention to the fact that my Father had served in The Royal Air Force's, Bomber Command during the Second World War.

Regarding the history of the pub, the Dambusters Inn was created in 1999 by Mike Knight and his wife, Amanda. Before that date, there had never been a pub in the Lincolnshire village of Scampton. With local support, and, it has to be said, some local resistance, the Knight family created a pub crammed with artefacts and memorabilia from WW2 and, logically, named it (what else ?) the Dambusters Inn.

When Mike Knight retired, the memorabilia that had furnished the pub (mostly Mike’s private collection) was removed.

My long-dormant interest in ‘what my Dad did during the war’ was re-awakened and I set about the task of building my own collection of artifacts alongside the work of revitalising the pub.

Mission accomplished. I am now very happily running a thriving village pub with its interior adorned with my personal collection of memorabilia, focussed (1940s spelling) on commemorating the extraordinary events on the night, Sunday-Monday, 16th/17th May 1943

As I write, it feels, pretty much that I am approaching the END of this BEGINNING.

I cannot overstate this; I am not-a-little-bit excited at the prospect of brewing my own Ale on the premises of my own pub. With ‘A Little Help From My Friends’ we launched the brewery on Saturday, 14th December 2013.

So, this is where I am at. I love Beer for what it stands for. I love Beer for its significance in the national psyche (risky word - I’m not all that sure what ‘psyche’ means . . . ) The substance that we call Beer has sustained the peoples of many nations for centuries. Undeniably, this extraordinary beverage has a very special role in these islands. Although, it has to be said that many of my customers never drink Beer.

Forget the ‘Lager-Lout’ and ‘Beer-Belly’ element in all this. One of the proven, beneficial and socialising elements in your own locality is likely to be your local pub. It is a factor that enhances all our lives.

My strong desire to carry through a centuries-old beer-brewing tradition on the premises of my quaint little pub in the middle of nowhere (Scampton, you’ll recall) is, of course, a wholly personal venture.

Firstly, undeniably, I do all this for ME.

Also undeniaby, I want to share that enjoyment with YOU.

It’s just like when I cook dinner for you — it’s no different from when I cook dinner for you.


If you can, I hope that you will join me.

Forgive me, I have to go. You won’t believe it - my Dad’s on the dog . . .

Note. “dog” is an abbreviation of “dog and bone” which is Cockney rhyming slang for ’phone (telephone).

Greg Algar, photographed at Greg’s Brewery in August 2013 Greg Algar, photographed at the Dambusters Inn on 19th August 2017 Greg Algar, photographed in Greg’s Brewery Saturday 07 October 2017Fermentation - Photographed by Lisa Robinson on 07 October 2017 Greg Algar, photographed at Greg’s Brewery in August 2013  Greg Algar’s black, Labrador dog, ‘Bomber’, sitting in a field on 25th June 2016